Veganism likely to become a cult ten times the size of Scientology


Experts have warned that veganism is likely to become the latest cult for parents, estimating that it could even overtake MLMs as the most annoying thing on your Facebook feed by 2019.

During January, or ‘Veganuary’, the popularity of the plant-based diet exploded, with many families converting to veganism for one month.

Sold to people on the idea of consuming an ethical and healthy plant-based diet, an insider told us that once signed up you discover that an even more important aspect of becoming a vegan is to tell everybody you meet about veganism and go out of your way to make as many non-vegans feel as uncomfortable as possible, making it difficult to back out of.

Tracey-Rose Leigh, a mum of three from Essex has told of how going┬ávegan has changed her family’s life:

“We have always eaten meat, and before becoming vegans our usual diet consisted of around 17 steaks a day. Then one day I saw a video on Facebook graphically depicting a calf having an identification tag clipped to its ear. It made me think of the time we took our Chihuahua Princess Fluffy-Foofoo to be microchipped, and I cried for three weeks.”

“My daughters have totally embraced vegan life, and we are all healthier than ever. Especially knowing that chips, Oreos and Party Rings are vegan, my girls enjoy them at every meal.”

Of course it hasn’t been entirely plain sailing. Tracey-Rose told us that she has had to cut off her own parents over her beliefs.

“It’s well known that 85% of veganism is telling other people you are a vegan, and it’s important to disown any friends who dare to eat meat or dairy. My elderly parents just couldn’t understand so I called them murderers for having milk in their tea and now we aren’t speaking. I just can’t condone the cruelty, but they refused point blank to watch my informative slide show”.



To be fully compliant, Tracey-Rose Leigh has also converted her pets, Princess Fluffy and bearded dragon, Shanice to veganism too:

“I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that animals could be vegan too! I even found a local pet shop that sold vegan crickets for Shanice”

You can follow Tracey-Rose Leigh over on Instagram, as @veganbenefitsbitchforlife and under the hashtags #blessedvegan #deathtomeateaters and #veganisthebestcultever