About Perfect Parenting

Perfect Parenting has been set up by a group of mummy bloggers who are passionate about one simple principle – that in this crazy modern social media-based world of parenting advice from every angle, there is still ONE PERFECT WAY to bring up children!

This blog is a perfect tribute to everyone in the older generation, such as grandparents and experienced midwives, who are often horrified by many of the modern parenting methods that you read about online or hear about while sipping a £3 latte in Costa Coffee.

Why should their voices just disappear into the wilderness because today’s mummies feel that their views are old fashioned? They knew exactly what they were talking about after all, otherwise we wouldn’t all be here now talking about it, would we?

When you look in Facebook parenting groups and somebody asks a question, the range of views on offer are almost sickening – how on Earth is a confused mummy supposed to figure out what the hell she needs to do?

Many years ago, before we all sat on Facebook debating with appalling levels of grammar and spelling, mummies simply asked a respected elder parent for their opinions about parenting and that was that!

There are three of us on the team here, and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas – especially if there is anything that you would like us to write about.

Get in touch by email at info@perfect-parenting.co.uk