Author: Helen Bach

Shit That Gets On My Tits On Facebook – Part 2

You may have seen part one of my gripes the other day, if not please do familiarise yourself with it. Here is part two and it is one that is close to my heart: Saving dying people with likes and hearts. Come ON people you know better than that. I’m talking about the photo of someone in intensive care or […]

Gentle Parent or Lazy Bastard?

People, people. Gentle parenting? It has to stop! It just seems like an excuse to let your offspring run riot to me. Gone are the days when a parent would bellow across the playground and the child would piss themselves with fear. Lately all you hear is “Come along now, Millie, that wasn’t very nice” after 4-year-old Millie has bitten […]

Fifty Shades of BULLSHIT

I have never in all my years seen or read so much utter bollocks as the Fifty Shades series. Yes I read all three – I had to make sure they weren’t going to get any worse, didn’t I? Fucking fan fiction? What’s that all about? A middle-aged woman writing fan fiction about Twilight? Isn’t that about teenagers? Where are […]